Hi, I am Charis Colson.

A little about me!

I'm a Midwest native through and through! You can tell by the copious amounts of cheese found in my refrigerator. My college schooling is in Information Technology with a emphasis in software programming. Attention to detail is my strong suit.

Before IT there were tens of thousands of hours spent in the traditional art world. My love for photography branches from that solid foundation! Understanding color, light, shape, space, etc is so important! Many can click and shoot, but, few can create art.

Now, mesh my love of art with my love of horses!

I've been horse crazy for forever and riding since I was 11.

I now own two horses of my own. My partners in crime, Marco & Small.

What about when I'm not behind a lens or hitting trails?

  • I'm a avid art enthusiast of all shapes and forms. Cinema, literature, music...
  • My favorite movies are A Knight's Tale & The Princess Bride.
  • Lover of cats, queso, and long drives.